Hiking up to Herzogenhorn

The Herzogenhorn is the 3rd-highest Peak in Germany after the Zugspitze in Bavaria and the Feldberg just 3 miles away fom the Herzogenhorn.

This hike can be anywhere from 1,5 hours to 6 hours, depending on where you start. We started the hike at the Krunkelbachhütte, a small restaurant about 4 km outside of Bernau im Schwarzwald. From there it’ll take about 45 Minutes to the peak of the Herzogenhorn. In the picture below, the Krunkelbachhütte is in the left half of the picture.


The trail leads first through a beautiful grassy area and then along the slopes of the Herzogenhorn, up to the peak.





There’re trails going from either side of the mountain to the peak and it can be very crowded depending on the time of day and season.

The peak itself is free of trees and the view at nice weather can go for many miles in all directions.



_DSC3324The alps in the background_DSC3330The Feldberg about 8 km away_DSC3334_DSC3351View down to Bernau im Schwarzwald_DSC3323

From the peak of the Herzogenhorn, you can easily hike to the Feldberg, which is easily visible and about 8 km away.

Once you get back to the Krunkelbachhütte, a hearty snack or lunch is highly recommended.

Trail facts:

Length of trail approx. 5 km from Krunkelbachhütte

Time required approx. 1,5 hours

Hike easy to strenuous, depending on the route you take

Parking free




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