Fall Impressions Ohio

During our recent visit of Ohio, our timing was lucky since it coincided with the peak of Indian summer in the Northeastern US. While living in Connecticut in the 2000’s, we got first introduced to Indian Summer and we were hooked from the fall we lived there.

This year was the first time in 8 years, that we were in the US during peak of Indian Summer and therefore, our cameras got a real workout considering the beautiful days combined with the beautiful scenery of northeastern Ohio. All photos are taken in the area between Canton, Akron, Cuyahoga Falls and Berlin – all Ohio.

Of course, as it is common in the fall, there were many harvest fairs with typical products of close-by farms.

This year, not all of the conditions for a perfect Indian Summer spectacle were right as the summer in Ohio was very dry and therefore, the soil was rather dry going into fall. But the great mix of maple, aspen, oak and gum trees in Ohio created a beautiful scenery nonetheless.

If anybody wants to time a visit for this colorful scenery, it happens in Ohio from 2nd week October until the End of October. It varies year by year, but with todays online resources, it is easy to find out when and where the peak of colors is happening. One of those websites is Ohio Fall report.

The remaining photos will go without explanation. Enjoy.






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