City Trip to Vienna

Vienna is one of those cities that has a charme known worldwide. Lots of history, historic buildings, the Vienna Prater and, of course, the people living there. Getting to Vienna is fairly easy. Train, Air, car, all is possible. We decided to go there by car as our hotel had free parking and the trip would have taken more than 10 hours by train. Our hotel was about 500 yards away from the prater -the amusement park of Vienna and approximately 7 minutes from next train station. Great location.

wien-2014-3 wien-2014-21 wien-2014-25

Amazingly enough, Vienna is affordable. At least compared to other european cities like London, Munich, Berlin and many more. Our hotel, centrally located and good standard, was below 100 Euro/night. It wasn’t a 5 Star hotel and there was no room for dancing (in the room), but for a city trip where you spend most of the time outside of the room anyway, it was perfect.

Getting around in Vienna is easy via subway and tram which connects all areas of Vienna including the suburbs.

wien-2014-31 wien-2014-36 wien-2014-40 wien-2014-49 wien-2014-58

We went there early December and were able to enjoy all of the Christmas decorations on the streets, the shops, the churches and many other historic buildings. Beautiful. Of course, we also enjoyed all the christmas markets that seemed to be on every corner and every plaza. Lots of Glühwein (hot red wine with spices).

wien-2014-67 wien-2014-63 wien-2014-72 wien-2014-77 wien-2014-82 wien-2014-87

It would take way too long, to list all places we visited (and honestly I can’t remember all of the names anyway). But…be prepared that you will spend a lot of time in churches. They’re so gorgeous and they’re all so different. If you’re into photography, it’s a paradise – if you have the right equipment since they’re pretty dark most of the time.

Enjoy the photos and if you ever plan a trip to vienna, plan at least 4 days to be able to take your time and avoid rushing from place to place.

wien-2014-96 wien-2014-104 wien-2014-109 wien-2014-115 wien-2014-121 wien-2014-128 wien-2014-135 wien-2014-145 wien-2014-154 wien-2014-160

Hope you enjoyed.



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