Sunrise at Blauen Mountain, southern Germany

The “Blauen” is a mountain in the southern Black Forest with a height of 3.820 ft (1.165 m). It provides a beautiful view of the alps to the south, the river Rhine and France to the West and towards Freiburg and the northern Black Forest to the North. From where I live, it takes about 30 minutes by car to get there.

As it is often the case in winter, we have Inversion in the area where the temperatures at higher elevation are actually warmer than at lower elevation. Of course, moisture laden air creates dense fog at lower elevation in this situation. The beauty is, that this fog stays in the valleys of the black forest quite a long time and sometimes all day. At the day when these photos were taken, temperatures in the valleys were about 25°F (-4°C) while temperatures at the top of the Blauen reached 50°F (10°C). And it stayed like this throughout the day.

For someone like me, this is of course a great photo opportunity. Days are short, sunrise is late and getting up in the morning is a bit easier than in spring time when this Inversion happens. Enjoy the photos.

hochblauen-am-morgen-2015-1 hochblauen-am-morgen-2015-2 hochblauen-am-morgen-2015-4 hochblauen-am-morgen-2015-6 hochblauen-am-morgen-2015-10 hochblauen-am-morgen-2015-12 hochblauen-am-morgen-2015-15 hochblauen-am-morgen-2015-16 Sohochblauen-am-morgen-2015-19 hochblauen-am-morgen-2015-37 hochblauen-am-morgen-2015-38 hochblauen-am-morgen-2015-46 hochblauen-am-morgen-2015-48

The sun finally comes up
hochblauen-am-morgen-2015-54 hochblauen-am-morgen-2015-62


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