What might be interesting to know about me ?

The basis for my interest in travel was laid, when I had the chance to travel to Asia and the US on a frequent basis for business. This piqued my interest in other cultures and in the exploration of other countries. As part of the trips, I always tried to explore my surroundings to learn more about the people and the way of living in those countries.

Starting in 2001 and after having moved to the US Eastcoast, I have started to add photography to my explorations. That gave it another kick and forced me to look at my surroundings through the eyes of a photographer, not just as a tourist.

Of course, with the digital technology coming to photography, it opened countless opportunities for creativity and the urge, to always find new subjects to put on “film” or SD Card in this case.

Lucky for me, my wife had the same interests, so that we were able to create some great experiences together on our trips. To this day, we try to find new areas for our explorations. That can be close to home – southern black forest right now – or in far away countries like the US and Asia.

Life is too short to sit at home – it has to be experienced in nature to the fullest.



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