Sigmaringen Castle – Swabian Alb Region, Germany

The Castle of Sigmaringen lies in the middle of the swabian Nowhereland right between Albstadt and Biberach. Not that either of those town are worldwide known, just to put it in relation on a map 🙂

The Castle itself dates back to the 11th century with many different families contributing to the castle over the centuries. Some parts are still original dating back to the 12th century. The Family of Hohenzollern, a very famous german noble family that has it’s roots way back in the middle of the 11th century, occupied the castle for a long time which is why it is also called a “Hohenzollern Castle”.

More details can be found at Sigmaringen Castle on the web.

The castle is very impressive but can only be visited by a guided tour. Photos inside are not allowed as usual, but nevertheless, a visit is worth it. 
From the Outside
 schloss-sigmaringen-2013-52 schloss-sigmaringen-2013-50
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…and the surrounding Town with Church
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It’s worth a visit